Messiah CIA (Christians in Action)


CIA Headquarters


The middle school youth group has been busy this summer, from new members to a new room!  Have you heard about Messiah CIA?  Let’s get you updated.


What does CIA stand for?  Christians in Action!


Who can join Messiah CIA?  Anyone in 6th-8th grade.


Where are the CIA Headquarters?  We are located in the newly remodeled basement classroom (a.k.a., the old kitchen).  Come down and visit us; we love our new room and thank everyone who helped get it done!


What do they do?  During VBS week, 12-14 members joined CIA and participated in a variety of activities. They stamped leather bookmarks and crosses, visited other Messiah members in retirement homes while delivering a craft, and completed yard work at another member’s home. 


How can the CIA help you?  If you have some basic to moderate yard work, we’d be happy to work with you and do our best to help you out.


Who are the CIA Directors?  Contact Krista Brooks at 625-6589 or Tara Marshall at 301-2181.


He Gave Free…So Do We!                             CHECK OUT OUR PHOTOS UNDER THE PHOTO TAB!!!!!


  January 2020  
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